“Jon was very easy to talk with and very understanding.  I found his ability to direct me into maintaining focus and direction on my plans and activities for a successful and enjoyable retirement extremely helpful.  He has definitely helped me to overcome my natural habit of falling into the trap of procrastination!  Thank you so much, Jon!” R.F.

"Having had a strong involvement in Retirement Planning and Financial Planning over many years I thought I was reasonably well prepared for retirement. However, Jon provided an extra dimension by broadening my outlook on the way ahead - while at the same time personalising strategies to be quite specific to my own circumstances. A worthwhile program." Michael K.

I contributed to a book on retirement, it makes for a good read:  http://endoftheretirementage.com/

"I found the 4M process very clear and relevant to my needs". Jim C.

"I found the coaching process used by 64 PLUS easy to understand and very useful". Gary L.

“I had an absolutely necessary discussion with Jon that identified how little preparation, other than the obvious financial preparation, I have really put into retirement planning. Better to have several years to plan and prepare now, than to discover the abyss the day following retirement.” Peter T.

"Like a lot of new retirees, I thought I had things organised. But I was thinking financially, not psychologically. It turned out, like I'm sure it does for lot of men, that I was totally unprepared for the psychological changes brought about by retirement. Jon's program really helped me deal with my change of lifestyle. It provided a framework to help understand why I was feeling the way I did, and how to re-define and re-organise my life to get on top of things." David H.