Reviews of my book; Finding Joy in Retirement: first one.

I am by inclination a stoic. I understand that we have a beginning and an end and that it is what we make of the finite time between those points that matters.
With that premise firmly in mind it was with real expectation that I read Finding Joy in Retirement knowing that its intent was to guide the reader through a pivotal change in one’s life and to assist in creating a positive methodology for navigating the next stage/s.
I was not disappointed. Yes, I understood the need for financial security and yes, I anticipated that emotional satisfaction needed to run side by side with it in one’s later years. What I didn’t have clearly in my mind were the loss factors marking the transition from a working life and the practical steps necessary to help negate the impact of these losses. In other words I lacked clarity in my perception and methods of coping.
Clarity is the gift this book offers.
Retirements can be viewed with stunning superficiality. Retirements can be multi-faceted requiring review and restatement of objectives. They are not to be mistaken as simply an opportunity to have a good time. Jon and David hold the mirror up to a different reality that lies in wait for those of us on the cusp and who hope to sail into it with no compass for the voyage.
There is much that can be said about the authors offering, better to obtain the book and learn for yourself. It may be a life changer.