Somewhere in between absolute certainty and chaos we humans seek to exercise control over our lives. That is to say that we want to be at the wheel and steering the vehicle.

It’s trite to say that we can’t know the future. But, when it comes to our future as individuals, in between certainty and simple hope lies the possibility of having some level of control.

In the workplace we would like to think that we have some control over our destiny; few believe that there is certainty and – I imagine - even fewer close their eyes and hope for the best.

A simplified definition of a financial plan is that it sets you up for your financial future. Not with certainty because, for one thing, you won’t know when you will die. But at least it endows you with a feeling of partial control.

So too with the non-financial aspects of your retired life. By planning, talking and thinking you can establish some level of control over your emotional, social and familial life as you move into post-work.

With the help of a retirement coach you should be able to do this with even greater confidence than if you choose to DIY.

If you can’t have certainty in life then why not seek some control.

 Retirement: You won’t know what it is like until you get there.