What would an authentic retirement look like, what would it contain, how would it feel?

I was surprised and a little disappointed to read in the dictionary that the word “authentic” has little to do with the word “author”.  Authentic derives from a Greek word meaning genuine, whilst author comes from a Latin word meaning to originate.

Then again authentic also means “proceeding from its reputed author”, so there is a connection after all.

Therefore as the reputed author of your retirement script: what will you write there? Will it look different from your working life; perhaps you will create a more authentic balance in your life than you have ever been able to achieve before?

Will you have more time for family and friends, hobbies and most of all will your stress levels decrease dramatically?

It’s your call but you may benefit from the services of a retirement coach who can help YOU to write your retirement script.

Retirement: You won’t know what it is like until you get there.