Your balance sheet in retirement

Permit me to make a crude analogy. Your life in retirement will have its own balance sheet: that is assets and liabilities.

No I am not talking about money. In this article liabilities are your obligations and commitments. What might these be in postwork?

It could be that you have agreed to mind grandchildren on certain days of the week, until they become teenagers and the rulebook gets torn up. It might be the case that you have some board position or do some charity work.

However, as we know, balance sheets have to balance - so now let’s talk about assets, because this is where it gets interesting; as it’s a matter of optics.

You have this time in your life postwork. Ask yourself this question. Is it a gift to exploit where you learn new things, meet new people, expand your horizons; or is it a bore where time slowly ticks away, that gives you little pleasure, and even makes you anxious?

The choice is yours for both the assets and the liabilities on your personal balance sheet, postwork.

It has to be worth thinking about - don’t you think?

Retirement: You won’t know what it is like until you get there.