Values part 2

In a recent post I wrote about values; bringing to the fore three questions for those in retirement, or about to retire (those who are swinging on the gate between work and postwork):

·      Do you want to feel valued?

·      Do you want others to think that you are valuable to them?

·      Are you doing it in a way that is consistent with your own most important values?

I called these the 3 Vs and, in that blog post, I started to give some practical ideas on implementation, which I now want to build on.

Quite simply it should begin with the discovery of your most important personal values. Some obvious values that are central to many people (but not all) are: the drive to act charitably to others; and the wish to obtain greater knowledge.

Values connect to beliefs that are held with emotional force and that drive behaviour. Importantly, for the creation of meaning in life, they are the garden in which the retirement coach can help you to grow your answers to the other two Vs: giving value and feeling valued.

There are various ways to discover your values and I can help you to locate them.

Retirement: You won’t know what it is like until you get there.