Predicting your future

I found this fascinating piece on the internet: let’s believe that it’s true for the moment.

There was a work of fiction called The Wreck of the Titan published in 1898. The author was an American called Morgan Robertson. The Titan was a large ocean liner.

The fate of the Titan was similar to that of the famous Titanic (which sank 14 years later) in many many ways, such as:

·      There were not enough lifeboats;

·      It sank in the North Atlantic;

·      It fatally hit an iceberg during the month of April, at night;

·      It had been described as unsinkable.

Let’s settle on calling this a coincidence, but also one based on Robertson’s understanding of the realities of ship travel at the time. What has it to do with retirement? Please stay with me as I develop my analogy, but this time as a story with a happy ending.

I will pose it as a question: are you able to “write the book” of your retirement and feel that you will pretty much predict a good outcome for yourself? In other words by thinking about the opportunities and risks that may/will present themselves postwork, can you figure out your own solution to what comes next in your life?

If so, this will be the opposite of a shipwreck!

More precisely, knowing more about your personal meaning in life postwork will assist you to move confidently to this next phase. A coach can help with this.

Retirement: You won’t know what it is like until you get there.