An article where I was quoted in the Herald Careers section on Saturday

Dr Jon Glass is the first to admit that he's the type of person who fills his life with activities. So when, a few years ago in his early to mid 60s, he retired from a 30-year executive career he soon realised a twilight career was in order.

"I decided to set up a business helping people who were fully retired or semi-retired think through all the issues that come up in that context," says Glass, now founder of retirement coaching consultancy 64 Plus.

While retirement coaching isn't yet widely recognised, Glass believes it should be, given that retirement is one of life's major life transitions.

"Retirement is a massive opportunity. It's good to get someone to help you think through all the possible paths it could take," he says.

While Glass emphasises that retirement looks different for each individual, he knows he's not alone in one regard. Search Google for retirement images and you don't get the full story.

"You see a whole lot of images of grey-haired people on the beach at sunset, having a drink. Terrific, but I don't think that's retirement. I call that a holiday," he says.