What are your values exactly?

You can read about Schwartz's value theory on the web, but let me summarise an important part of it. Values are your beliefs, around which you tend to have strong emotions. As well, they imply goals that motivate your actions. More about that later. First let's see some examples.

I have chosen 9 distinguishable values that you can have as a person:

Self-direction, control and mastery

Stimulation and need for novelty

Hedonism i.e. pleasure-seeking

Achievement according to social standards



Conformity to external norms

Tradition and customs

Welfare of others

I suggest you make of these definitions whatever rings true for you, and then rank them from least to most important. I think you will find the results interesting.

Finally, these values  seem to fall into a binary classification of personal versus social; and they will probably overlap to some extent.

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