Wexit; or what happens after you leave work.


It all goes back to the Greeks. A few years ago Greece was a possible candidate as the first country to leave the European Union. It didn’t happen then; it may happen in the future, it may not.

A new word

The word that the world’s press fell in love with at the time was Grexit, as it seemed to describe the prospect quite well; and now we have Brexit. So, what I would put forward as the word to substitute for that difficult word “retirement” – so freighted and emotional – is Wexit – or Work exit.

Just as with a decent Grexit or Brexit in prospect, Wexit demands answers to certain questions such as when, how, why and what? However it’s unlikely that the average Wexit will involve foreign ministers, trade delegations, lawyers, or prime ministers.

Answers to questions

Instead there will be employers, colleagues, superannuation consultants – oh and don’t forget family and friends. But there is much more at stake than the Wexit. That may turn out to be quite simple, particularly if it happens to you: employed one day, out of work the next.

What really counts is what happens next; so the Wexit is really the first part of another process which consists of how you deal with the ensuing 30 or so years of life. And this deserves thought and, I would say, help.

Who will you seek help from when your Wexit happens, or now that it has happened?