A fable about retirement and motivation

This is a story about two women, Samantha and Lucinda we will call them, both very keen to get fit as a balance to their sedentary lifestyles.

Samantha is motivated and for the last week has woken before 6am and gone for a run. Lucinda is less motivated so has hired a personal trainer whom she meets at the local park also at 6am. They pass each other every morning on the street, but they don’t know each other, yet.

Then the weather turns cold.

Suddenly Samantha has trouble getting out of bed. All the usual excuses of “tomorrowness” flood into her brain: one lost day won’t matter, tomorrow will be warmer etc. etc. Back under the bedcovers!

Lucinda on the other hand is well-motivated to continue. She has incurred the sunk cost of paying her trainer for 3 months of work, she also has to face the excuse and shame factor if she doesn’t show up. And besides this, her trainer has exceeded expectations and really helped her to get fit.

Later that month they met each other at a party by chance and compared notes. Now Samantha uses the same personal trainer as Lucinda.

What about retirement? Does it make sense to have a coach to help and motivate you?

Who ya gonna call?