Renaissance art and retirement

What is the image of the practising artist today? Probably that of a solitary worker in a studio, but it wasn’t always like this. Many great Italian artists learned their craft through apprenticeship in a studio with other artists and a master painter in charge.

With their contributions of a leg here, an eyebrow there, they were not so different from so many modern workers who, working in teams, not only learn and practise their trade but also and often belong to an informal social club.

What I mean by this club is that the worker can also test personal ideas with colleagues such as: where should I take my next holiday, do you know any good handymen?

In its simplicity, the nature of this club points to a potential lack in the life of a person who has stopped working. Where can you find this club, these networks that you can use to test your thinking, learn new ideas, and prosper after work?

There is no single answer, it depends on the person, and a coach can be useful in helping to find the answers. It may be golf, it may be a mens’ shed, it may be connecting with people on the internet from other parts of the world to discover aspects of different cultures and languages.

The choice is yours. You are also an artist, a creator of the self.