What is your personal AAA Rating?

Money is relevant to retirement. We can’t deny it. Now that you are about to retire, or have retired recently or are working part-time on your way there; you probably have a financial plan in place with your financial planner. Good, now for your lifestyle.

Your AAA Rating is how YOU answer this question: is your Annual income Adequate to your Aspirations?

What does this mean? Simply stated, ask yourself if your annual cash flow from your pension account (and other investments) can support the life you want to lead in retirement.

This will help you set the scope for your search for meaning, the ultimate goal in 64PLUS’s 4M process, by allowing you to rule in and rule out certain activities. For example:

1)    Not everyone will have a AAA Rating that allows unlimited first class travel.

2)   However, most should be able to afford to take the educational courses they desire.

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Retirement: You won’t know what it is like until you get there.