Who am I?

Do you remember the parlour game called who am I, where you are given a series of clues and have to guess the identity of a person? For example, you hear that in 1492 the person sailed the ocean blue and, either at this stage you blurt out Columbus, or you ask for more clues - such as his nationality. And so on.

So before you retire when you are the subject of that game yourself, it might start by mentioning the work that you do. He is a salesman. Need more clues? OK, he is over the age of 30. And so on.

But after retirement when you are the subject of this game, there is something missing. Yes you are a parent, a son, a grandfather and such things; but what do you do?

This is one of the interesting challenges of retirement: how to define your role in the world: what exactly do you do? Who are you now?

You can work on a definition. It’s up to you! But you may benefit with some help from a retirement coach.

Retirement: you won’t know what it is like until you get there.