To retire from work is an exciting challenge but, just as work gives meaning, so leaving work implies the need for new meaning. 

Retirement is an exciting challenge which can easily lead to a deeply satisfying life-after-work. However this is not well understood in our community. I aim to change this through my coaching service offered to people at, near or in retirement.

64 PLUS' Coaching to Retirement Service aims to help the individual to create new meaning that lasts for the long and enjoyable decades of retirement.

This coaching service is offered in a series of six sessions personalised to the client, using a process called the 4M Process, which consists of:


As the names imply, this program takes the individual through the various stages of postwork, beginning with a sense of unease and concluding with a feeling of comfort.

The individual outcome may be a dedication to charity work, to golf, to writing that book that you always wanted to write, or looking after grandchildren; or a combination of these and others. Everyone is different in this regard.

Just to be clear, financial advice is NOT part of the service.

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